Novel sic diagnostics to qualify the thermal neutron fields in the e_LiBANS project.

Sans-Planell O., Monti V., Costa M., Amapane N., Durisi E., Ferrero M., Visca L., Anglesio S., Bedogni R., Treccani M., Gomez-Ros J.M., Bortot D., Pola A., Alikaniotis K., Giannini G.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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In the accelerator based facility e_LiBANS in Torino, a thermal neutron field as intense as 106 n cm${}^{-2}$s${}^{-1}$ can be created inside dedicated closed cavities. In order to measure and qualify the homogeneity of the field novel SiC diagnostics sensitised to thermal neutron by deposition of 6LiF micrometer layer have been developed and calibrated with respect to a primary reference. The novel diagnostics, with intrinsic high radiation resistance, have proved to be accurate and efficient. Measurements have been conducted in diverse acquisition modes to fully characterize those detectors. This communication reports the first results in e_LiBANS and sets the state of art of the technology.

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