Advances in gyrokinetic simulations of tokamak plasmas.

Poli E., Biancalani A., Bottino A., Di Siena A., Görler T., Hornsby W.A.

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For strongly magnetized plasmas, gyrokinetics is a well-established theoretical framework for the description of turbulence, dominated by small-scale instabilities whose time scales are much longer than the inverse cyclotron frequency. Successful comparisons with experiments range from the determination of the turbulent fluxes to the characterization of the related small-scale fluctuations. Recently, gyrokinetic simulations were extended to the interaction of turbulence with tearing modes, Alfvén instabilities and fast ions, thus connecting subjects usually treated within different physics models. After a brief summary on the application of gyrokinetics to fusion plasmas, some progress on the aforementioned topics is discussed.

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