Velocity-space cascade in space plasmas: in situ observations and kinetic Vlasov simulations.

Perrone D., Servidio S., Pezzi O., Valentini F., Chasapis A., Matthaeus W.H., Greco A., Sorriso-Valvo L., Veltri P.

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Plasma turbulence is a challenging problem: the energy transferred towards smaller scales produces localized regions where dissipation increases, and particle distribution functions are strongly distorted. The absence of an equilibrium attractor leaves the plasma state free to explore the dual spatial-velocity phase space. Here, a novel theory of space plasma turbulence, by means of a 3D-Hermite decomposition, shows the presence of a broad-band, power-law Hermite spectrum for the velocity-space fluctuations of the ion velocity distribution in both numerical and in situ measurements. The observed phase-space cascade might open new pathways to the understanding of plasma turbulence.

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