Ultra Fast Silicon Detectors for fast timing and 4D tracking.

Costa M.

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Low-Gain Avalanche Detectors (LGAD) are nowadays a mature technology, developed by several manufacturers, well suited for a wide spectrum of applications. The most recent LGAD developments for timing applications Ultra Fast Silicon Detectors (UFSD) that achieve a time resolution of 30--50 ps will be presented. Timing information is a very effective tool in HEP High Luminosity experiments for pile-up rejection and 4D tracking at very high track densities. In this harsh environment UFSD face several challenges: sensors performance, segmentation and radiation resistance, very low-power and low-noise electronics, cooling, low material budget and large data volume. The present status of these developments and the current project to use UFSD for HL-LHC timing detectors will be reported.

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