A new experimental method to study electron stimulated desorption yield of gas layers cryosorbed on a cold surface.

Spallino L., Angelucci M., Cimino R.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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From astrochemistry to accelerators, the determination of electron desorption yield ($\eta$) is fundamental to quantitatively characterize the interaction between electrons and gas layers condensed on a cold surface. The determination of $\eta$ is complex, requiring high sensitivity. A new method is under test being based on the investigation of the Secondary Electron Yield (SEY). SEY is known to strongly depend on the gas overlayer thickness and, also, to be influenced by the chemical state of the surface. Here we show that following SEY during electron irradiation is indeed very useful to extract $\eta$ of gas multilayers down to sub-monolayer coverages.

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