Low-emittance electron beams by nanodiamond photocathodes.

Velardi L., Turco V., Nassisi V., Quarta G., Accoto G., Caricato A.P., Cicala G.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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Two different photocathodes based on nanodiamond (ND) layer irradiated by an excimer laser (KrF, $\lambda = 248$ nm) are characterized. Specifically, the active ND layer of each photocathode consists of untreated and hydrogenated particles, 250 nm in size, sprayed on silicon substrate. The ND-based photocathode emission was tested in a vacuum chamber and compared to that of a Cu target. The current was measured by a Faraday cup whereas the emittance was measured by the pepper pot method, using a filter with 7 small holes. The better value resulted about 1 $\pi$ mm mrad.

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