An extreme sensitive biosensing platform based on hyperbolic metamaterials.

De Luca A., Sreekanth K.V., Alapan Y., ElKabbash M., Ilker E., Hinczewski M., Gurkan U.A., Steinmetz N.F., Strangi G.

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In recent years significant efforts have been made to design and fabricate functional nanostructures for biomedical applications. Optical sensors based on plasmonic materials offer significant opportunities in the field of clinical diagnostics, particularly for the detection of lower-molecular-weight ($<500$ Da) biomolecules in highly diluted solutions. We developed a miniaturized plasmonic biosensor platform based on hyperbolic metamaterials supporting highly confined plasmon modes that outperform current detection technologies. Upon using a grating technique to couple the optical radiation, different extreme sensitivity modes with a maximum of 30000 nm per RIU and a record figure of merit (FOM) of 590 have been achieved.

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