Tuning thin-film magnetism with 2D carbon overlayers.

Genuzio F., Mentecs T. O., Genoni P., Santos B., Lenardi C., Sala A., Locatelli A.

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A lithographic method for writing the magnetic state by electron-stimulated molecular dissociative adsorption on ultrathin Co/Re(0001) is presented. The fragmentation of carbon monoxide promotes the accumulation of surface carbon, inducing in cobalt an in-plane to out-of-plane spin reorientation transition. Prolonged $e$-beam irradiation in gas ambient results in the deposition of monolayer carbon, which transforms to graphene upon thermal treatment at $380^{\circ}$C in UHV. Our fabrication protocol adds lateral control to spin reorientation transitions, permitting to tune the magnetic anisotropy within microscopic surface regions. The nanoscale engineering of graphene-spaced stacks exhibiting the desired magnetic state and properties will be discussed.

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