Confined reactivity under 2D materials and liquid environment: A synchrotron radiation-based spectroscopic approach.

Nappini S., Bondino F., Magnano E., Pivs I., Dal Zilio S., Lazzarino M., Matruglio A., Naumenko D.

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II - Fisica della materia
GSSI Ex ISEF - Aula C - Venerdì 27 h 15:30 - 19:00
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Liquid and gas confinement between 2D materials and substrates are attracting attention in nano-reactivity, gas storage and sensing. One-step preparation of B-N-C layers coupled with the transfer to different substrates has potentiality for applications in electronics and catalysis. Novel catalytic reactions can take place in the confined space between a solid catalyst and a 2D layer. Herein, the stabilization and reactivity of CO intercalated between h-BNG layers and Pt(111) crystals will be presented. Liquids trapped in graphene nanobubbles on $TiO_2$ surfaces will be discussed, showing the possibility to study solid/liquid interfaces by in situ/in operando soft x-ray spectroscopies.

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