Transition-metal dichalcogenide $NiTe_2$: An ambient-stable material for catalysis and nanoelectronics.

D'Olimpio G., Ottaviano L., Edla R., Boukhvalov D., Zhang L., Kuo C.-N., Zhu H., Gosh B., Nardone M., Lue C.S., Jarmoff J., Nappini S., Bondino F., Agarwal A., Wang L., Politano A.

II - Fisica della materia
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NiTe2 is a novel transition-metal dichalcogenide hosting type-II Dirac fermions with application capabilities in optoelectronics and catalysis. Here, with surface-science experiments (XPS, HREELS, LEIS, LEED) and DFT we study its surface chemical reactivity and its oxidation mechanisms at different temperatures. We also demonstrate with AFM that NiTe2 is stable in air, with a passivation surface TeO2 layer formed in a few minutes. To validate air stability, we fabricated a NiTe2-based device only showing a 5% variation in measured I/V after 15 days in air, in strong contrast with devices based on other layered semiconductors instable in air $(e.g.$ black phosphorus).

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