Controlling flat bands in two-dimensional materials by zone folding and hybridization.

Marini G., Ehlen N., Hell M., Hasdeo E.H., Saito R., Falke Y., Di Santo G., Petaccia L., Profeta G., Gr√ľneis A.

II - Fisica della materia
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An energy dispersion with a flat band at the Fermi level usually leads to high density of states, promoting electronic and structural instabilities. Here we present a method to induce flat bands at the Fermi level of graphene by sandwiching it between two cesium layers deposited on iridium (111) surface. The system is investigated by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy experiments and density functional theory calculations, proposing a structural model which predicts the experimental electronic dispersion with excellent accuracy. In particular, we highlight the role of spin orbit coupling induced by the iridium substrate in graphene bands.

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