Development and applications of the fast Monte Carlo tool FRED in Particle Therapy.

Schiavi A., De Simoni M., Patera V., Sarti A., Sciubba A., Rucinski A., Gajewski J., Garbacz M., Skrzypek A., Rinaldi I.

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V - Biofisica e fisica medica
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Particle Therapy is a non-invasive technique for radioresistant tumors using protons or light ions. Compared to conventional radiotherapy, ions allow for a highly conformal dose deposition to the tumor region, while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues. In order to really exploit the potential benefits of this technique, fast and accurate simulation tools are needed for treatment planning and quality control verification. We report on the developments of the fast Monte Carlo platform FRED running of GPU hardware, which allows for a whole treatment plan recalculation at high statistics in just a few minutes. Current applications of FRED in treatment centres in Italy and in Europe are presented.

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