Grande Rilevanza project and preliminary studies of HTB-177 survival curves.

Chiappara D., Petringa G., Colelli G., Chidera O., Cuttone G., Khanna R., Petrovic I., Ristic-Fira A., Tassi E., Cirrone G.A.P.

V - Biofisica e fisica medica
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A new strategy to enhance the effectiveness of proton therapy consists in the Proton Boron Capture Therapy. The LNS-INFN and Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences obtained Gthe rande Rilevanza project that will exploit the reactions $p-B^{11}$ and $p-F^{19}$ to produce alpha particles that release an increased dose in the tumor target. In this framework, preliminary studies of HTB177 survival curves are performed, exploiting Geant4 and Survival code, also implementing the biophysical models to consider the secondary particles contributions in biological damage. A good agreement has been found between the survival curves obtained with the LEMII model coupled with Geant4 and the experimental data.

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