Hadron Therapy and Magnetic Hyperthermia: A combined therapy for in-vitro Pancreatic Cancer Treatment.

Orsini F., Avolio M., Arosio P., Brero F., Bettega D., Calzolari P., Antoccia A., Lenardi C., Berardinelli P.F., Argentiere S., Gallo S., Veronese I., Manenti S., Groppi F., Sabbioni E., Ciocca M., Facoetti A., Mariani M., Albino M., Innocenti C., Sangregorio C., Lascialfari A.

V - Biofisica e fisica medica
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Pancreatic cancer spreads rapidly and is rarely detected in the early stages. To overcome the pancreatic cancer therapy state of the art, the combined action of Hadron Therapy and Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia on pancreatic tumour cells was investigated. Magnetic nanoparticles, constituted of a $\gamma -Fe_{2}O_{3}$ core coated with dimercaptosuccinic acid, were utilized as hyperthermia agents. Preliminary tests were performed to determine the optimal particle uptake time, concentration and the most suitable hyperthermic exposure modality. Three independent experiments, using the therapeutic C-ion beam at Centro Nazionale Adroterapia Oncologica, showed at all doses a decrease of the clonogenic survival respect to the simple Hadron Therapy.

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