Innovative physical stresses applied to radish seeds.

Nassisi V., Velardi L., Turco V., Monteduro L., Manno E., De Caroli M.

V - Biofisica e fisica medica
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We explore the consequences of variable magnetic fields applied to radish seeds (Raphanus sativum, L.). Three different alternate magnetic fields have been tested. The first one had high intensity, 40 mT, at very low frequency, 0.2 Hz; the second one had a low intensity, 577 $\mu T$, at low frequency, 370 kHz, and the last one had a very low intensity, about 250 nT, at ultra-high frequency, 900 MHz. Furthermore, another group of seeds was treated by laser beams of 248 nm wavelength. The results show that all physical stresses stimulated root growth, while they did not have a significant effect on cell elongation growth of the radish hypocotyls.

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