Design of a multipass optical cavity for spin-flip spectroscopy of muonic hydrogen.

Moretti L., Fasci E., Gianfrani L.

VI - Fisica applicata, acceleratori e beni culturali
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We report on the design of a multipass optical cavity and the simulation of the optical path by means of the calculation of the Gaussian beam propagation. Convenient access to a relatively large illuminated volume, robustness against mirrors' misalignments and the absence of any active stabilization make it suitable for the use in experiments on exotic atoms. In the framework of the FAMU experiment, this cavity will be used to uniformly illuminate a volume of $12\times 12\times 50$ mm${}^{3}$ by coherent mid-infrared radiation to excite the spin-flip transition of muonic hydrogen. The final goal is the determination of the proton Zemach radius.

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