Design and Realization of a Nano-guided Hybrid system to implement a Photonic-Plasmonic Transistor.

Lio G.E., Madrigal L.B., Xu X., Pierini S., Couteau C., Jradi S., Bachelot R., Caputo R., Blaze S.

II - Fisica della materia
Aula 32B-2 - Martedì 18 h 09:00 - 13:00
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The interplay between quantum dots and plasmonic nanoantennas may have a critical role in the behavior of photonics devices. A mixed top-down and bottom-up nanofabrication approach has been used to realize a prototype of photonic-plasmonic transistor, including a nano-guided hybrid system able to promote the interaction between gold nanostructures and quantum dots in a plasmon-exciton exchange procedure. In particular, photopolymerization by evanescent to fabricate a polymer ridge containing quantum dots directly on top of the hybrid system. A first characterization, has evidenced a sensitive enhancement of the emission of the quantum dots located close to the apices of nanostructures.

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