Modelling neutron stars' crust deformations under different types of loads.

Giliberti E., Cambiotti G., Antonelli M., Pizzochero P.M.

III - Astrofisica
Aula 32B-3 - Martedì 18 h 09:00 - 13:00
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Neutron star (NS) crust breaking is a key element in many theoretical descriptions of different astrophysical events, like glitches, flares and gravitational waves. However, there is still lack of systematic (and quantitative) studies of the crustal deformation under different types of loads (rotation, pinning of superfluid vortices into the crustal lattice and magnetic fields). In this communication we study a self-gravitating, compressible, elastic, Newtonian model of the behaviour of a NS as a function of the mass and the adiabatic index of matter, subject to three different loads: rotation, angular velocity lag between crust and core, and pinning.

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