Assessing the radon impact in natural and anthropic environments and the associate health risk for workers and population with an innovative multidisciplinary multiscale geogenic approach.

Mancini S., Vilnitis M., Guida M., Cuomo A., Guida D.

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IV - Geofisica e fisica dell'ambiente
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Human exposure to natural Naturally Occurring Ionizing radiation (NOIR), due to radon and its progeny, has been established as harmful by the worldwide scientific community and many international institutions (UNSCEAR, WHO). There is sufficient evidence that a long exposure to radon in confined spaces increases the lung cancer risk. We describe an innovative multidisciplinary approach to the issue, which is a practical tool for competent authorities to identify areas where indoor radon activity concentrations are expected to overcome reference values, to provide innovative solutions for monitoring and for the prevention of indoor radon accumulation, in full compliance with the DIRECTIVE EURATOM 2013/59.

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